Our Farm

Welcome to Pasture Prime Whitetail Deer Farm. We are located in western New York in the Finger Lakes Region. We have two main functions at our farm, Breeding and Educational Tours.

In regards to breeding, our goal is to supply quality animals to farms that want to upgrade their genetics to 200-300+ inch animals. Since our inception in 1999 we have built and improved our herd, introducing new, top genetics every year. We have added an artificial insemination program to produce some of the top whitetails in the country.

One phase of our educational program is our "Walk with Whitetails" tour. This tour allows visitors to walk side by side with our world-class animals while learning about them. We also frequently help new and existing farm owners with questions and problems on health, nutrition, and daily operations.

Pasture Prime Farm is associated with the Quality Deer Management Association's Finger Lakes Branch, the North American Deer Farmers Association, the New York Deer and Elk Farmers Association, and is a lifetime member of the Deer Traders website.
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Educational Tours: WALK WITH WHITETAILS. Book a tour.