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We are a licensed class A New York State whitetail breeder. We are a seven year CWD Status farm and our most recent herd TB test was March 09. We are a fully accredited farm. We have state of the art facilities, along with video camera coverage of all our enclosures. We have several dedicated people on site to care for the animals, and we get great support from the NYS DEC. We are breeding only Boone & Crockett genetics on both the sire and the dam side. We have a DNA log of all our breeders and we have a complete pedigree of all our animals. All buyers get a copy of the pedigree along with a bill of sale.

Our farm specializes in quality not quantity. We strive to provide the best genetics possible for farms that want the best breeders available. We utilize both natural breeding and artificial insemination. Our artificial insemination program is performed by Jan van Tonder of AA Breeders. Pasture Prime offers breeding stock (Bucks and Does) that are from several generations of Ohio Boone & Crockett Bloodlines. Our animals have genetics from some of the most famous bucks around - Dean Zeiglers "Dropzilla", "Rob Roy", "Rocket", "Buddy", "Godzilla", "Redoy Bill", "Satan", and "Three-Horn".

Buyers may choose from three-day old fawns for bottle feeding, up to and including mature does and breeder bucks. We get an annual crop of about 20 fawns. We can also supply older bucks for hunting preserves for those who want to supplement their own production.

We are offering semen out of our breeder zThunder, who is out of the Buddy and Godzilla blood lines. At 1 1/2 he scored 134", at 2 1/2 scored 204" and at 3 1/2 scored 220". We have had some great offspring in the 140-150 class at 1 year old and 180-200+ at 2 years old.

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